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We understand your body, because we're dancers too…

Sports Therapy 4 Dancers was established by Liz Bayley BA (Hons), ADip ST, MFHT, BTEC Dip (Level 5), LSSM Dip — professional dancer and qualified sports therapist.

While dancing at the Moulin Rouge, Liz, along with many of her co-performers, sustained injuries. Feeling that there was demand for a therapist who understood a dancer's body, schedule, and unique lifestyle, Sports Therapy 4 Dancers was born.

A personal message from Liz Bayley, founder of Sports Therapy 4 Dancers

Performers, and dancers in particular, are a special breed. The way that I feel about dance — about being a dancer — comes from the fact that I have done it since I can remember; since I was aware that I existed. It is how I define myself. Just as I tick the box for 'British' on a form, being a dancer is as fundamental an aspect of my personality as is my nationality. No one but a professional dancer can understand the passion and commitment it takes to pursue a career in dance, let alone how it feels to sustain an injury.

lower back massage

I was treating a dancer recently who said during their consultation: "Dance isn't just what I do — it's my identity". Beautifully put. I understood completely.

There have been many occasions in treating my dancer clients when they describe their injury, or area that is of constant worry to them, and I think "I know exactly what you mean!". I have treated many dancers who have had the same injuries as I have — strained hamstrings, tendonitis, back pain and neck spasms to name a few.

Not only can I completely empathise with dancers about their injuries, but my knowledge and experience in dance technique means I can assess the reason a dancer may have sustained an injury to begin with. We share the same terminology. When you talk about the, "arabesque, plié or Fosse walks" I won't ask you what on earth you're talking about. Rather, I'll come back with "don't forget to engage your abdominals during your grand battement". I have an explicit study of conditioning and exercise therapy for dancers, as it seems nonsensical to prescribe the same physical exercises for a dancer as you would a member of the general public. Dancers have a strength and flexibility that is unique and should be treated as such.

“Liz saw me through my time on ‘Strictly’ and helped me cope with the huge physical demands of the show. I continue to see her for my regular aches and pains as she is a brilliant therapist who really knows her stuff — great at working out what is wrong with your body and very importantly… fixing it!”

Jason Donovan

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