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“Liz saw me through my time on ‘Strictly’ and helped me cope with the huge physical demands of the show. I continue to see her for my regular aches and pains as she is a brilliant therapist who really knows her stuff — great at working out what is wrong with your body and very importantly… fixing it!”

Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan

Hannah Waddingham http://www.hannahwaddingham.com

Liz is currently treating my various ailments from playing The Wicked Witch of The West in "The Wizard of Oz". I can safely say that she is solely responsible for keeping me on that stage. I call her my ironing lady because she just completely gets rid of all my knots and tension from flying around The London Palladium on my broomstick!

Without doubt, the best sports massage I've ever had. Brilliant!

x H

Donna Thomson http://www.donnathomson.blogspot.com/

I am 56 years old and use daily dance classes to maintain my fitness and relieve stress. Recently, I sustained an injury to my IT band and asked Liz to help. Liz has a depth of knowledge in physiology and kinesiology that I have not encountered before in years of occasional treatments for fitness related injuries. She gave me a broad range of treatments including kinesio taping and pressure point massage therapy that resulted in immediate pain relief and muscle relaxation. I highly recommend Liz Bayley for any dance or sport related injury.

Thomas English http://www.thomasenglish.co.uk/

I carry a 40 kg camera rig (Steadicam) whilst trying to keep up with all you dancers that are around 40 times fitter than me. Sometimes it hurts.

Liz has helped me get back to work after injuring myself. Liz treated me before some very important jobs where I was physically unable to walk, I am immensely grateful for this.

Her deep tissue massages are second to none. She knows what is going on with a body injured in action rather than most professionals who only deal with people injured from sitting around all day. She understands the importance of having "to do the job" whatever state we are in as she works with many dancers who can't simply take the day off. She is full of exceptionally good advice and truly understands her profession. Importantly she teaches you stretches and techniques to continue her work and fix yourself. Unlike many people out there that are only interested in your hourly rate and getting you back in for another session.

I have seen hundreds of oesteopaths, chiropractors, sports therapists and whatevers... Liz Bayley is simply the best one I've been to.

Shikye Smith

I went to see liz with lower back pain which she found to be caused by a tight glute. After deep massage and moving the IT band the pain is no longer there! At my second apointment (a few weeks later) the tension in my glutes had dropped drastically.

It's great to have someone who understands how the dancer's body works and what our bodies are put through. Liz also gave me a bunch of stretches to do to help keep the tension down which really seem to be working.

I'm always looking forward to her Paris trips now!

Rachel Moss

I had an overstretched hamstring from intense rehearsals for the can can in paris - as Liz used to work at the Moulin Rouge and be a dancer herself she knew exactly what i was going through and how to give me the best treatment for my injury. I was able to continue dancing with caution through rehearsals and by taking her advice and doing as she advised I rapidly improved and am fully recovered and working as normal in the shows.
Liz was always there to offer help and advice and I would reccommend her to any dancer.
Thanks Liz

Mark Iles

I've had a back problem since I graduated six years ago. Liz understood exactly what the problem was and worked on the area with great success. I would definitely see her again and hope to do it in the near future.

Mark Joslin

On a friend's recommendation I went to see Liz regarding a painful back injury. I was worried that I might not be able to complete the dance job I was working on at the time. I felt that as an ex-dancer, Liz really understood the problem. After just one treatment, there was a huge improvement in mobility, marked pain relief and I was able to continue working. She gave me great advice about follow-up exercises...which I'm trying to follow! It's good to have found a physio in whom I have confidence and would certainly have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Elizabeth Worthington

I went to Liz after finding her through her Facebook page Sports Therapy 4 Dancers. Although I'm not a dancer, I have suffered with a stiff neck, which spasms regularly and wanted to find someone who could help.

Liz gave me a deep tissue massage and did some stretching. She then showed me some exercises (and gave me a reference guide with pictures), so that I could help strengthen my neck and stop it from spasming.

Liz treated me very effectively, but also constantly explained what she was doing and why, which was not only interesting, but useful!

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